Wayne Stiles Golf Architecture Book


We are always on the hunt for new, interesting and (often) obscure golf books. These books usually aren’t for sale in retail book stores or at amazon.com, abebooks.com or other on-line sites.  A newly issued book just came to our attention that fits into this category.

The book is The Life and Work of Wayle Stiles. Stiles was a golf course architect who worked primarily in New England. I have been a golf enthusiast all my life, and admittedly, had never heard of Stiles before learning of this book.

The excerpt below is taken from the website of the Wayne Stiles society:

“Massachusetts-based golf course and landscape architect Wayne Stiles compiled an impressive body of work during a 40-year career. Starting as a draftsman with Brett & Hall of Boston, Stiles established his own firm in 1915 and a year later planned the Nashua Country Club in New Hampshire, the first of more than 145 courses he was involved with.

This 304-page, full-color, 8 ½ x 11, hard cover, dust jacketed volume details his personal life, competitive career, landscape architecture work and his golf course portfolio. Filled with more than 500 illustrations—including historic photographs, modern images, scorecards, postcards, drawings, plans and architectural renderings—the book details the 76 courses that still exist, in addition to dozens that have disappeared or been radically altered by other course designers or the passage of time”

The book is available from the Wayne Stiles society, with the proceeds of the book used for a college fund for one of the co-authors who, sadly, was recently diagnosed with ALS.

Wayne Stiles Book

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