Additional Golf Flicker Books


Our original write-up of golf flicker books in April of 2006 was so successful that we are returning to the subject again this month. Flicker books are the Rodney Dangerfield of golf book collecting – they don’t get any respect. Joe Murdoch’s original bibliography of golf books didn’t cover flicker books and the Donovan and Murdoch bibliography only had sketchy coverage of flickers. Luckily for the collector and fan of flicker books, the Donovan and Jerris bibliography treat them as golf books and provide coverage.

We like flicker books and feature additional ones here that we missed in our first go-around. They all tend to be quite rare since, if they were used frequently, they usually became soiled, rip or fall apart. And since they are small and fragile, they have not been cared for over the years to the same degree that full-sized books have. 

Ben Hogan Flicker Book 

This tiny book is only 1¾ by 2½ inches and is illustrated throughout with stop-action photographs of Hogan and his classic “smashing” drive (from start to finish). The book flips in both directions, creating the appearance of a motion picture.  The book was a promotion and printed in the 1940s by “Bromo-Seltzer”, the maker of the antacid used for heartburn and hangovers. The ”Magic Eye” movie includes narration at the bottom of each page and discusses weight shift, posture, hand position, etc. Apparently the “little man with the big golf game” as they call Hogan, preferred Bromo-Seltzer to settle his nerves!






Willie Anderson – A Perfect Drive 

The very rare A Perfect Drive flicker book was produced circa 1910 by the C.C. Chattell Company, an early club maker, as a promotional item to help sell clubs. This 1¾ by 2¾ inch book has thirty pages of Willie Anderson performing the perfect drive, on the recto side of each page only.  Anderson was the first to win four U.S. Open championships and still the only golfer to win three in a row, in 1903-1905. We have only seen this item come up for auction once and it is not listed in the golf reference books, making it very rare.



Pictorial Golf – Chick Fraser These four flicker books, produced as a set in 1922, are titled Pictorial Golf: Chick Fraser Playing Driver, Midiron, Mashie Pitch, Putter: A moving picture of the fundamental golf shots. Each is illustrated throughout with motion-picture photographs taken by W.G. Reis, showing Chick Fraser demonstrating a complete swing for each of the clubs noted. Each flicker book is 3¼ by 1¾ inches, and they were issued with a two-part black and gold box. Not exactly a household name, Chick Fraser was the professional during the 1920s at the now defunct Midwick Country Club in Los Angeles. 



Sam Snead – Stop-Action Golf 

These two Stop-Action flicker books featuring Sam Snead were produced in a series by Coca Cola. Both are 46 pages in length and were produced in the early 1960s. Book one features Snead hitting the driver and book two features Snead hitting the four iron.



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  2. Elwood Jacobs

    We have a Bobby Jones Flicker No.11c “OUT OF THE ROUGH AND PUTT”. It’s in good condition. Very little ware. We were wondering what the value of this little book ?

  3. If anyone has a video clip of a perfect swing that they own the copyright to, Flickaclip in the UK would be interested in producing a run of Flicker Books (sometimes called Flip Books or simply Flick Books). Click on my name to see the site and find contact details.

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