An A.B.C. of Golf

An A.B.C. of Golf was published in 1898 by The Blanchard Press in New York. The author is listed as “A Victim”. The author is actually DeWitt Clinton Falls or D.W.C. Falls. Falls was a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army. The book is published using an usual material as its cover – burlap, or as the publisher calls it “rope”.  On the front cover of the burlap is a paste-down label (seen below), which is often missing since it was simply glued on.

The book is quite rare in its issued condition and generally sells for around $1,000.

The book contains one page for each letter of the alphabet and contains a humorous rhyme about golf. The illustrations are very high quality and done on a grey heavy paper. The book was published in at least five editions.

 Some examples of the rhymes:

 “B” is a bunker, to get in one’s a mistake, when trying at golf a record to break.

“P” is a putt, this player has made, his face his opponent is greatly dismayed.

The last page of the book is an advertisement to purchase additional copies. The price was $0.50. The Blanchard Press published “Ornaments for the Centre Table” or what we would today call coffee table books. Others in the series included: Views of New York, Views of Long Branch, Asbury Park, NJ, Saratoga Springs, NY and Detroit, MI.

Over the years, there were other “A.B.C.” of golf books published including one by A.J. Robertson in 1904 and The Golfer’s Alphabet by William Van Tassel Sutphen, also published in 1898.

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