Drives and Puts



Drives and Puts by Walter Camp and Lilian Brooks was published by L.C. Page in 1899. This book has one of the prettiest covers in the golf library. It is also unusual in that the word “putt” is spelled “put”. This is unusual because the spelling of the term “putt” had been firmly established by 1899. In fact, Hutchinson’s Golf in 1890 extensievly uses the word “Putt”.  Why they chose to spell it “Puts” remains a mystery.

The co-author of the book, Walter Camp is a famous American sportsman, generally known as the father of American football.

The book is a collection of short stories about golf…

In an interesting anomoly, L.C. Page also published another book with the same cover as Drives and Puts. We suppose they found it cheaper  to use the illustrated cover on multiple books rather than design new ones.  The cover of The Court at Harvard is seen below.




The covers were designed by Amy Sacker. In the late nineteenth century, book design in was evolving, as single-color, embossed covers gave way to more colorful designs reflecting the aesthetics of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements. One region of the country where women book designers and other female artists were particularly prolific was the Boston area. It is in this setting that Amy Sacker developed her considerable skills, designing book covers for several local publishers, including Joseph Knight, Estes & Lauriat and its successor, L. C. Page & Co.[1]Sacker was a prolific illustrator, doing over 200 cover illustrations in her lifetime.

There is a slight variation to the cover of Drives and Puts, involving Sacker’s monogram. Under the man’s left foot you can see her signature styleized ‘S’ in the cover below. Drives and Puts sometimes has the monogram and sometimes it does not.


Despite it’s golf cover, The Count at Harvard is about a young man and his years at Harvard and includes no golfing content.

[1] Mark Schumacher, UNC Greensboro

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