Alastair J. Johnston Library of Golf

Alastair J. Johnston is a Vice Chairman of IMG World, the sports entertainment and media agents for stars. IMG’s clients are some of the highest profile athletes in all of sport including TIger Woods, V.J. Singh, Arnold Palmer, Sergio Garcia and countless others.

Johnston is probably the most prolific golf book collector in the world. His collection rivals that of the largest collection in the world at the U.S.G.A. and before he is done, will probably be larger.  His collection has more than 16,000 volumes and his stated goal is to collect every golf book ever published. He began collecting in 1969 and adds about 600-700 new books each year.

Johnston has ocassionally published a bibliography of his collection. These are privately printed books in limited editons of 10. The bibliographies have become quite collectable in their own rite. A copy of Johnston’s 1997 bibliography sold for $1,265 at auction last year.


In addition to a massive golf book collection Johnston has also authored several golf books. His  epic golf book The Chronicles of Golf  regularly sells for more than $1,500.

Alastair is Scottish and speculation is that his collection will one day find a permanent home back in the birthplace of the game.

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Valuable Book Group specializes in rare, collectible and valuable golf books. We are avid collectors ourselves obsessed not only with playing the game, but also its history and the literature of the game.


  1. Jamie Miller

    I recently acquired a copy of Johnston’s Chronicles of Golf but the slipcase is missing, does anyone know whether one is available?

  2. Edmond G. Eberts

    You have my 5 golf books: Parables of Golf, A Caddie’s Lament, Take Dead Aim, Just Grip It and Rip It, Golf Etiquette and More, Of Course in the writing. Will forward a signed copy when published. Meanwhile, could you please tell me when the James Braid (1870-!950) of the Great Triumvirate fame book titled “An Essential Destination” was published, and by who? Thank you for your help.

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