Seminole Golf Club History


The Story of Seminole was published in 2007 and was written by James Dodson with photographs by Joann Dost. This 180 page book was beautifully produced to celebrate the club’s 75th anniversary. The book has the Seminole logo on the cover in silver and this is repeated on the foil embossed blue protective slipcase. The book also comes with a French-fold dustjacket. Seminole was built in the 1920s as a winter course for wealthy northerners

The book includes beautiful color and black and white photos of the course, clubhouse, members, etc. The end of the book is a color spread which has a hole-by-hole analysis of all eighteen holes accompanied by pictures of each.

The book was produced in a limited edition of 3,000 (unnumbered) and is available only in the pro-shop when you visit Seminole. Seminole is not the type of course you call and ask for a tee time. It has one of the most exclusive memberships in America and can best be described as secretive.

Seminole is widely recognized a having the best locker room in the game. Unfortunately, most will never see it, except for the picture in the book:




From the book’s frontis: The Story of Seminole has been written and produced solely for the members of Seminole Golf Club and is not produced for commercial distribution. This book is for distribution by Seminole Golf Club and is available only through the club. This book is a scholarly work intended to commend on and/or preserve the history of Seminole Golf Club.


Please check our inventory as we have The Story of Seminole from time-to-time, although we’re not telling how we came upon the book!

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