The Little Green Book of Golf Law



A recently published book, The Little Green Book of Golf Law, caught our attention recently. Written by John H . Minan and published in 2007, the book reviews important legal precedents related to golf courses.

Can you write off your expenses related to golf and survive a challenge from the I.R.S. by claiming you are trying out for the tour?

Who is liable when your clubhead flys off and hits someone?

Can a course architect legally copy a hole design from another course?

The book is organized into nineteen chapters, each one reviews a significant case as it relates to golf. For example, chapter sixteen looks at hole-in-one contests. Approaching a par three, there are signs that a hole-in-one wins a car from a local auto dealer. A golfer actually does a hole and one and tries to claim the prize. It turns out the sign for the hole-in-one prize was leftover from a tournament two days earlier. The lucky golfer sued the dealer (if there was any doubt, it should be cleared up by now that this happened in America) and won the car.

The book is an interesting read and has some interesting stories that can be retold on the 19th hole.


Golf and the Law, published in February 2005 is a specilized book directed at those in the business. The publisher’s book description:

“The sport of golf is a popular choice for individuals looking to spend their increased free time. Golf is viewed as both a recreational and competitive sport; however, many sports and recreation professionals are not aware of the risks posed by the sport of golf. This lack of awareness creates a false sense of security for professionals and recreational golfers. The risks (e.g. personal injury, property damage, real estate issues, employment concerns, and discrimination) often result in litigaton that is costly in both time and money. This litigation can often be prevented through sound risk management practices and programs.

Each golf course built is a complex business venture including complex business-related problems. These problems typically include real estate issues, employment matters, premises liability, discrimination, and negligence.

Golf and the Law assists golf course managers in avoiding lawsuits and preventing needless personal injury and property damage. The book is divided into two major sections. The first section reviews a number of important legal concepts and relates each concept to the management of a golf course. The second section specifically outlines common types of litigation that have been aimed at golf courses. Finally, the book outlines a variety of risk management strategies to assist the golf course manager in making the golf course a safe place for participants, employees, and neighbors.

Thomas H. Sawyer is the Executive Director of the Society for the Study of Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity.”

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