St. Andrews Golf Books – The Complete List

A client asked me last year for some golf books about St. Andrews. As I often do, I went off on a tangent and did some research to see if I could determine how many golf books have been published about golf’s most historic town and courses. I must say that my research surprised me. I thought perhaps 25, maybe 50 books at the most had been published. I ended up cataloging more than 75. I took a somewhat broad perspective, including books about Old Tom Morris because he was so intertwined with the Auld Grey Toon and I included Grierson’s book about St. Andrews because it has early golf content and it is recognized as such by the golf book bibliographies.

The first book dedicated to golf and St. Andrews dates from 1854, St. Andrews to the Play, by A Member. This eight page softcover book is essentially a long poem and may be somewhat disappointing to the St. Andrews enthusiast.

H.S.C. Everard’s A History of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club: St. Andrews from 1754-1900, published in 1907 was the first history written about the club. A centenary history was published in 1943 and amazingly enough a formal club history was not published again until 1998 when Volume I of what would be an impressive three volume set, Challenges & Champions, was published. We have previously written about this masterful series which quite rightly set the standard for all other club histories (see our newsletter March 2010).

There are a couple of esoteric books I found: Visiting the Home of Golf: St. Andrews, by Akiyama Masakuni was self published in 1998 by the famous Japanese photographer who specializes in photographing the Old Course.  Millions of Mischiefs: Rabbits, Golf & St. Andrews written by Alistair Adamson, who also wrote a history of the North Berwick Golf Club. Let’s just call them interesting.

In what certainly tells us something about the healthy state of publishing in the world today, seventy percent of the books were published since 1980!  Below is the list of St. Andrews books listed in chronological order. We have highlighted those that are among the best and would note that many of these were published in the last ten years:

1. Delineations of St. Andrews, James Grierson, 1823
2. St. Andrews to the Play, A Member, 1854
3. St. Andrews: ancient and modern, W. de Aula, 1870
4. Reminiscences of Golf on St. Andrews Links, James Balfour, 1887
5. A Golfing Idyll; The Skipper’s Round with the Devil on the links of St. Andrews. Violet Flint, 1892
6. Historical Notes & Extracts Concerning the Links of St. Andrews, David Fleming, 1893
7. The Book of St. Andrews Links, Containing Plan of Golf Courses, Descriptions of the Greens, Bye-Laws of the Links, Regulations for Starting, Golfing Rhymes, &c., Andrew Bennett, 1898
8. A Caddie of St. Andrews, Gilbert Watson, 1907
9. The Life of Tom Morris, with Glimpses of St. Andrews and its Golfing Celebrities, W.W. Tulloch, 1908
10. The Old Golf Course of St. Andrews: Plans, with Names of Holes and Bunkers, Walter Fairlie, 1908
11. St. Andrews Ghost Stories, W.T. Linskill, 1921
12. How to Play the Old Course at St. Andrews, J & G Innis, 22 editions 1932 – 1975
13. Told at the 19th Hole: Humorous St. Andrews Golf Stories, J & G Innis,12 ed 1928-1950
14. The St. Andrews Golf Club Centenary 1843-1943, Andrew Bennett, 1943
15. Andrew Lang and St. Andrews: A Centenary Anthology, J.B. Salmond, 1944
16. The New Golf Club, St. Andrews, Jubilee Commemoration, 1902-1952
17. A History of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club: St. Andrews 1754-1900, HSC Everard, 1907
18. St. Andrews: British Cities and Towns, Kirk Russell, 1954
19. The Story of the R & A: The first 250 years, J.B. Salmond, 1956
20. A Short Love Story: The People of St. Andrews Scotland and Robert T. (Bobby) Jones, Jr., Bobby Jones, 1958
21. St. Andrews the Home of Golf, James Robertson, 1967
22. St. Andrews Old, Rod McLeod, 1970
23. St. Andrews, Cradle of golf, Dawson Taylor, 1976
24. The Royal and Ancient, Pat Ward-Thomas, 1980
25. A History of the New Golf Club at St. Andrews, T.G. Jarrett, 1982
26. Sandy Lyle Takes You Round St. Andrews, Sandy Lyle, 1982
27. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, E. Brickman, 1984
28. The Book of St. Andrews Links [reprint of 1898], Andrew Bennett, 1984
29. The Old Course Portfolio Six fine Art prints of the home of Golf, Ken Reed, 1985
30. Early Golf at St. Andrews, David Hamilton, 1986
31. St Andrews/the Home of Golf: The Course, History, Players, Louis Stanley, 1987
32. Bygone Days on the Old Course, Stewart Hackney, 1989
33. Chat Round the Old Course, D.D.R. Owen, 1990
34. Millions of Mischiefs: Rabbits, Golf & St. Andrews, Alistair Adamson, 1990
35. St. Andrews Opens 1873-1984, Bobby Burnet, 1990
36. St. Andrews: stories from the home of golf, Calum Maclaren, 1990
37. What St. Andrews Means to Me, Callum McLeod, 1992
38. The 150 Years: A History of the St. Andrews Golf Club 1843-1993, Eric Clark, 1993
39. A Year at St. Andrews, the Home of Golf, Various editions, 1994-2003
40. St. Andrews 1995, Harold Riley, 1995
41. The Open Championship 1995: St. Andrews, John Hopkins, 1995
42. Golf at St. Andrews, Keith Mackie, 1995
43. The Spirit of St. Andrews, Alister Mackenzie, 1995
44. St. Andrews and Golf, Morton Olman, 1995
45. St. Andrews Golf Links: the first 600 years, T.G. Jarrett, 1995
46. An Anecdotal History of the Royal and Ancient, Bobby Burnett, 1995
47. A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole, Richard MacKenzie, 1997
48. Art and Architecture of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, Peter Lewis, 1997
49. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Keith Mackie, 1997
50. The Old Course Portfolio, Kenneth Reed, 1998
51. Visiting the Home of Golf St. Andrews, Akiyama Masakuni, 1998
52. For the Good of Golf and St. Andrews: St Rule Golf Club Centenary, Marcia Julius, 1998
53. Challenges & Champions: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club 1754-1883 , John Behrend, 1998
54. St. Andrews & the Open Championship, David Joy, 1999
55. St. Andrews Nights, John Behrend, 1999
56. Pilgrims in the Rough: St Andrews Beyond the 19th Hole, Michael Tobert, 2000
57. Wry Stories on the Road Hole, Sidney Matthew, 2000
58. St. Andrews and its golfing legends, Stuart Marshall, 2000
59. Good Men Remembered: tale of golf, empire and St. Andrews, Peter Lewis, 2000
60. St. Andrews Opens’, Alan Taylor, 2000
61. Thomas Hodge: The Golf Artist of St. Andrews, Thomas Langton, 2000
62. A Focus on Golf: St. Andrews and Photography 1845-1859, Peter Lewis, 2001
63. Champions & Guardians: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club 1884-1939, John Behrend, 2001
64. The Open Championship 2000, Robert Sommers, 2001
65. St. Andrews: How to Play the Old Course, Desmond Muirhead, 2001
66. The Scrapbook of Old Tom Morris, David Joy, 2001
67. Traditions and Change: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club 1939-2004, Peter Lewis, 2004

68. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews celebrating 250 years, Peter Lewis, 2004
69. Two Years at St. Andrews, George Peper, (St. Andrews Sojurn), 2006
70. Experience The Old Course, St. Andrews Links, Richard Goodale, 2006
71. The Seventh at St. Andrews, Scott Gummer, 2007
72. St. Andrews, The Evolution of the Old Course: The Impact on Golf of Time, Tradition and Technology, Scott MacPherson, 2007
73. Tom Morris of St. Andrews: the Colossus of Golf, David Malcolm, 2008

74. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club and The R&A, Peter Lewis, 2008
75. St. Andrews Links: Six Centuries of Golf, Tom Jarrett, 2009
76. The Soul of St. Andrews: The Life of Old Tom Morris, William Tulloch, 2009

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  1. Brian Matheson

    Item 32 Who was the author Stewart Hackney?

  2. “Links To St Andrews” Should be on this list !!!!! Its the best book I have read on St Andrews.

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