The Golf Links of Scotland

The most expensive golf book ever published? Thus is the claim of the publishers of the new limited edition book by Iain Macfarlane Lowe and George Peper. I guess they didn’t get the memo about the Great Recession, issuing such a high-end book in the current environment of austerity. For the record, the most expensive golf book ever published was Golf: A Tribute (Europe) which was so large it came with its own table and was priced at $5,200 (see our newsletter of December 2005), $800 more than the $4,600 price of Golf Links of Scotland.

Lowe and Peper both live in St. Andrews, the former was editor of Golf Digest for a long time, and has written extensively about St. Andrews. The book is limited to an edition of 150, with 145 made available for purchase. The book is “two books in one” according to the publishers. Viewed in this way, I suppose at $2,300 each, the book is a dramatic bargain. The first portion of the book focuses exclusively on the Old Course at St. Andrews. The remainder of the book focuses on other Scottish courses including Prestwick, North Berwick, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and Royal Dornoch, with eighteen additional courses in total.

The oversized book measures 12 inches by 13 ½ inches with four double gate folded sections that when folded out represent 32 pages.  The two authors get an “A” for spin when discussing the book, using realtor-like descriptions in hushed tones and speaking of , “Picked Nigerian leather”, “cured and dyed in Scotland” and “bound by hand”.

If all 145 copies sell for their $4,600 list price, the gross sales of the book will come in at $667,000. Perhaps we’re in the wrong business. I’m sure the book cost a nice sum to produce, especially considering the fact that the leather binding contains a 24-carat gold leaf inlay. We wish the publishers and authors well in their endeavor.

St. Andrews – The Home of Golf

Several month ago we chronicled a list of all golf books published about St. Andrews. Apparently 76 books wasn’t enough to cover the rich history of the home of golf. Another new entrant was recently published titled St. Andrews: The Home of Golf co-written by Henry Lord and Oliver Gregory with photographs by Kevin Murray.

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This coffee table book celebrates this haven of the game through pictures in 224 pages.

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Valuable Book Group specializes in rare, collectible and valuable golf books. We are avid collectors ourselves obsessed not only with playing the game, but also its history and the literature of the game.

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