Golf Book Gift Ideas

We’re often asked about gift ideas this time of year, so we offer the following idea for all levels of budget and in varied subject areas.

General All Purpose – Commonly available and not budget busters.

1. The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever by Mark Frost is the #1 best selling golf book on and chronicles a match of Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan against two amateurs.

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2. The Making of the Masters by David Owen. Insider’s access to Augusta and great story telling.

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3. Following Through by Herbert Warren Wind. In our view the best golf writer ever with interesting and varied stories.

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4. Golf Dreams by John Updike. A renowned writer captures better than anyone does the life-long struggles of every golfer in their quest to perfect their swing and their mental struggles with the game.

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Books on Improving a Golfer’s Game

5. Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent. The best of the instruction books, virtually guaranteed to help the mental side.

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6. How to Play Your Best Golf Now. By Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott. Helping to master the mental side of the game on and off the course.

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Wow Factor

7. Legendary Golf Clubs of the American East or Legendary Golf Clubs of England, Scotland and Ireland by Anthony Edgeworth & John De St. Jorre. Featuring some of the world’s most elite and exclusive golf courses. Any of the three books by these two authors would make a spectacular gift as the photography is simply stunning and the accompanying text matches their brilliance.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Nice coffee table or special interest

8. Planet Golf by Darius Oliver. A pictorial tour of the great golf courses outside the United States.

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9. The Club Menu by Scott Savlov and Jon Rizzi. Menu items with accompanying recipes from many of the world’s best courses. A good choice for the food loving golfer.

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For the Connoisseur That Has it All – A budget buster, but unique

10. The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses is an insider’s look at the world’s golf courses and was written before he was a famed architect. His opinion is prized because it is a well-honed one and very honest, which is a rarity when people assess golf courses.

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Valuable Book Group specializes in rare, collectible and valuable golf books. We are avid collectors ourselves obsessed not only with playing the game, but also its history and the literature of the game.

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  1. Consider adding “A really Good Day” a new golf novel. It is available on and is also available for Kindle and Nook.

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