A Sign of the Times

We follow the auction market for golf books closely and noted that recent results were down with one area being a notable exception: signed golf books.

A copy of Golf is my Game signed by Bobby Jones sold for $2,700 which is about 30% more than the book typically sells for. A Bernard Darwin signed copy of Playing the Like sold for $1,920 which is a good price in this market.

The item that jumped out at us was a Old Tom Morris signed copy of Golfing: A Handbook to the Royal and Ancient Game, with List of Clubs, Rules, &c. Also Golfing Sketches and Poems published in 1887 by W. & R. Chambers of Edinburgh & London. Auction house descriptions can sometimes border on hyperbole but in this case we agree with their assessment that, “Anything signed by Morris is incredibly rare and difficult to come by.”

What makes it especially interesting is that he signed below a picture of himself! The price for this specimen was $13,200. Copies of this title usually sell for $1,000 making the Old Tom signature about $12,000 which is a high as we’ve seen a golf related signature go for.

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