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Who are the most published authors of golf books? We decided to look into the subject recently and the results were a bit surprising. My own personal guess would have been Bernard Darwin or perhaps Henry Longhurst. When compiling the list, as a practical matter we did not count club handbooks or authors that published all or most of their books in wrappers, which took away the likes of Robert Browning and Herb Graffis. In Saturday Night Live style, the top ten most prolific authors are listed below in reverse order.

10. Sam Snead

Book count: 17

Sam wrote golf books from the late forties until the late eighties, the highlight being his autobiography, The Education of a Golfer.



9. Peter Dobereiner

Book count: 17

Dobereiner studied law at Oxford and wrote about golf for the Guardian and the Observer and Golf Digest. Dobereiner’s works are funny and varied. Touted as one of the most prolific of authors by his publisher, they say he wrote over three million words on golf.


8. Michael Hobbs

 Book count: 20 and growing

Hobbs wrote many golf books in the 1980s and 1990s on a variety of topics including several about art and instruction. He was a regular contributor to Golf World and Golf Illustrated. He also operates a golf photography library.

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 7. Bernard Darwin

Book count: 24

This Cambridge educated lawyer could both play and write! One of the most learned and eloquent writers the game has been blessed with.



 6. Gary Player

Book count: 27 and growing

Player has written on a wide range of subject including great courses of the world, his swing, having a positive attitude and instruction.


5. Arnold Palmer

Book count: 28 and growing

Palmer’s works are largely instructional or about his ‘Go for broke’ philosophy. His autobiography was co-authored with James Dodson in 1999.


 4. George Houghton

Book count: 32

Scotsman Houghton wrote over three decades in the 1950s-1970s and is famously known for his Golf Addicts series of humorous depictions of playing around the world. Houghton is pictured on the left.


 3. Peter Alliss

Book count: 35 and counting

Alliss writes on a wide range of topics on either a solo basis or teamed with other authors. His autobiography was published in 1982.

 young alliss
  2.      Jack Nicklaus

Book count: 32 and growing

Many of Jack’s books are about how to play the game or to lower your score. He has also written four autobiographical books.


 1.      Tom Fazio 

Book count: 49 and growing

Tom typically publishes a hardcover book describing new courses he designed. Many have the same boiler plate and there is then a description of and pictures of the featured newly designed course. Fazio is pictured at right signing copies of a new book.



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