2013 U.S.G.A. Herbert Warren Wind Award Winner – Merion The Championship Story

This year’s award winning book, which the U.S.G.A. bestows on the best golf book of the year goes to Jeff Silverman for his masterful work in Merion: The Championship Story. The award is named after Herbert Warren Wind, the dean of American golf writers.



The award was announced at the U.S.G.A.’s annual meeting in Pinehurst in February, a change from prior years when the award was announced at the golf writers dinner at the Masters. The U.S.G.A. were also masters of understatement when issuing their press release about the book saying, “This extensively researched and carefully crafted book explores every aspect of one of the most respected and beloved clubs in the game. Merion’s successful hosting of the 2013 U.S. Open, 32 years after it last hosted the championship, was the final chapter in Silverman’s work.”

We are very enthusiastic about the book and recommend it highly, it is a master work, an impressive 502 pages. Surprisingly, given Merion’s history, no book had previously focused on the tournaments held there. Silverman is a professor of English at nearby Villanova University and he knows how to write. Given the material (one of the greatest golf courses, the Hogan history, Jones winning the Grand Slam) it would be easy to say that the book would be great no matter what. Silverman has done something special with the material, however, and the book is truly exceptional.

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