The Greatest Player Who Never Lived

The Classics of Golf has just re-released The Greatest Player Who Never Lived, written by J. Michael Veron. We have always recommended the book, as it is one of the best in a difficult genre.

greatest player


I was also thrilled to be asked to write the Foreword to the book and as I wrote.” The Greatest Player succeeds in a perilous genre because Veron combines all the key elements in a nuanced way. There is a detailed history that adds significantly to the story without becoming pedantic. It doesn’t hurt that he chooses Bobby Jones and the Masters as a backdrop, subjects of universal appeal. Nor does it hurt that he conjures up an interesting scenario with a down home Southern character. Since lawyers are incapable of writing a mystery without courtroom drama, Veron also includes his own blow-by-blow rendition with a spine tingling finale. Top it off with interesting vignettes about golf during the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression, and you have a page turner.”

The book can be purchased on the Classic of Golf website and would make a great gift for Christmas!

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