How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

How do you play the world’s best golf courses? The average club golfer doesn’t have a clue how to play at Pine Valley or Cypress Point, let alone find a way to play at Augusta National? John Sabino takes on the task of educating golfers in his new book How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs. Having played the top 100 ranked golf courses in the world he brings real-world insights to the task. While other golfers have self-published books about their journey playing at top golf courses, Sabino’s effort is the first to be oriented as a “how-to” book, outlining for readers techniques they can use to play at the best clubs around the world. He spares the reader of the typical pitfalls of the genre, “I shot an 80 and hit a pure four-iron three feet from the pin,” which no one cares about.

He was able to play Augusta National as course #100 in his journey and the chapter devoted the subject is worth the price of admission; as is the preceding chapter which outlines more than a dozen ways it is possible to play at the storied course. There are chapters devoted to gaining access to the best courses in Europe and in Australia/New Zealand and the chapter devoted to the odd customs of playing golf Japan is hysterical.

Especially interesting are the historical stories weaved throughout the book including that of the first man to play the top 100 courses Jim Wysocki. And that of the original marathon golfer, Ralph Kennedy who played 3,165 different golf courses, including Augusta National three months after it open. A particularly poignant chapter focuses on the gifted South African golfer Papwa Sewgolum and his treatment under Apartheid.

The story naturally propels forward and is enhanced by over one hundred beautiful pictures from courses around the world.

As a way to give back to the game that has given so much to him, the author has decided to donate all his proceeds from sales of the book to charity.

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