Unfriended by Ted Bishop

I purchased a copy of Unfriended : The Power Brokers, Political Correctness and Hypocrisy in Golf to support Ted Bishop, who served as 38th President of the PGA. Bishop was summarily fired by the Board in 2014 because of his “insensitive” comments that he made comparing “Ian Poulter to a little girl squealing during recess.” Poulter was criticizing Nick Faldo and Tom Watson after the Ryder Cup. In the world Bishop lives in you respect your elders, especially those that are considered greats in the game. This is the same world I live in. I think that Poulter was being unfair and the Bishop was right to stick up for his friends Faldo and Watson.

So you aren’t allowed to say someone is acting like a little girl or you’re a sexist? I completely sympathize with Bishop and feel that he was unfairly shafted by the PGA. If he had called him a little boy in a schoolyard the PC police probably would have let the thing go. Ted made a mistake, like we all make mistakes. His word choice was poor and he says so in the book. Did he deserve to be fired summarily? And to be stripped of his pension? And to be expunged from the PGA’s history books, who pretend he never existed? Absolutely not. The punishment did not fit the crime.

I think books like this are necessary to show all sides of the game and Bishop nails it when he says hypocrisy. This is the same organization that didn’t amend it’s bylaws to allow non Caucasians to play until 1961, and then did so under a legal challenge. Maybe they are over-correcting to make up for prior mistakes, but it does seem a bit hypocritical. While a lot of the book reads like an “inside baseball” account by an insider, there are some stunning revelations. The LPGA, that is the LADIES Professional Golf Association polled its members in the wake of Bishop’s firing and 64 percent responded that they though Ted should not have been fired. Rudy Giuliani comes across in the book no so good.

I stand with Ted Bishop. And I’m in good company. I’m alongside Eddie Merrins, the legendary golf pro from Bel-Air Country Club. And Tom Watson, and Tim Finchem and Steve Stricker. And the golf writers Alex Miceli, Jaime Diaz, Michael Bamberger and Dave Shedloski.

You know who your real friends are when you go through something like this. The book has some interesting surprises about people and their real character. I recommended it as a show of support for someone who dedicated his life to the game and then got the shaft.

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