The 1997 Masters : My Story by Tiger Woods

A best selling book the day it becomes available for sale. That is still the magic of Tiger Woods even though he is now old and breaking down.

I am an Augusta National lover and thus can’t get enough about the details of the course, the experience and how to play the course. Tiger’s 1997 Masters win was one for the ages and he does a good job of talking about his feelings, to the degree Tiger ever really talks about what he is really feeling. In particular, he does give insights into his relationships with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer among others, which are illuminating. Sometimes the book veers off on tangents, like when he talks about the space shuttle, but when he focuses on golf, and in particular the details of the 1997 Masters, the book delivers.

He also recounts his relationship with his father, or as he refers to him “Pop,” and reminiscences about when he first visited Augusta as an amateur. I also liked the content about his caddie at the time Fluff, which is funny stuff. Hindsight is 20-20, but it seems clear after reading the book that Tiger was much better under Butch Harmon, although he doesn’t admit that directly. If you are a Tiger fan, you will definitely enjoy for the book. If you are a Tiger hater, the book is unlikely to change your mind.

The book delivers what the title promises, which is a detailed analysis of Tiger’s 1997 Masters victory.

Tiger signed 300 copies of the book for those insane enough to wait up to eight hours outside Barnes and Noble in New York this month. Those reselling the signed copy have been fetching between $200 and $450.


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