Valuable Book Group is located in one of the finest golf related regions in the world in Princeton, New Jersey. Located 45 minutes from the USGA Library in Far Hills, New Jersey and 45 minutes from the #1 ranked course in the world, Pine Valley. The USGA has the largest and most complete collection of golf books in the world. Close proximity to the library helps us should be need to check a bibliographic reference or an items authenticity.

Thirteen of top 100 courses in the world are within a three hour drive of our offices, a feat not possible anywhere else in the world. Our keen interest in the world’s great golf courses has also allowed us to amass a large collection of club histories. Two of our favorite courses are featured as the pictures in the banner across the top of our website. Maidstone’s par three 14th hole on the left and Cypress Point’s amazing 17th on the right.

Valuable Book Group specializes in rare, antiquarian and used golf books. Like our approach to the game itself, we are also obsessive about collecting golf books and would be happy to assist you in selecting books for a gift as well.

We are always interested in buying quality golf books.

If you are an author or publisher looking to have a book reviewed please email me.

Newsletter articles are written by John Sabino, who retains all copyright to them.

Visit our store or email us at valuablebook@gmail.com.


  1. Jeffrey Wurgler

    Looking for de St. Jorre’s “The Links” (57 pp.) — can you get a copy (used/new, don’t care)? Thanks.

  2. golfpoet

    I would like to introduce you to a new blog, Golf Course of Rhymes, that explores the links between golf and poetry. Most of the poetry is old and some comes from books such as you buy and sell. The URL is http://www.golfpoet.wordpress.com. If you are agreeable, i would list your blog on my blogroll if you would do the same for me. I think that some of your readers would enjoy reading my posts as well. Thanks. Leon S White, PhD

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  4. Are there any copies of Thoughts on Golve by Kincaid available for sale?

    If so, where could I find it and how much coin do I have to drop?


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